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  • Multilateral Strategic Projects Office

Multilateral Strategic Projects Office


Head – Valeriia Gorbacheva
Email: mspo@hse.ru
Phone.: +7 (495) 772-95-90 ext. 28866
Address: 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard

Евразийство. Видение общего

Аликберов А. К., Безруков А. О., Вахитов Р. Р. и др.

М.: Издательский дом НИУ ВШЭ, 2023.

The Office creates conditions for the development and promotion of projects (including educational projects) in areas of international cooperation that are strategically important for HSE University; it coordinates the University's participation in leading international associations and develops interaction through collaborations with network universities, international organizations, institutes, and associations. The Office develops a comprehensive strategy for promoting the HSE University brand abroad and helps expanding the network of partners.

Key tasks of the Office:

  • Developing new forms of international cooperation and promoting multilateral programmes and projects in education and science;
  • Expanding the presence and enhancing the attractiveness of the HSE University brand in foreign educational markets and international platforms, attracting new foreign partners;
  • Ensuring and coordinating the participation of HSE University in leading international higher education associations and developing interaction with network universities;
  • Developing and implementing multilateral projects and network programmes;
  • Coordinating HSE University's activities in the preparation and implementation of events within the framework of the Russian Federation's chairmanship in international organizations and interstate associations, including the SCO, BRICS, EAEU, and other international structures;
  • Promoting the HSE University brand, educational programmes, and events abroad, as well as providing information support of educational events aimed at developing international cooperation.


A Strategic Session focusing on cooperation between Russia and African countries in the sphere of higher education was held at HSE University's building on Pokrovsky Bulvar. The event was attended by representatives of HSE University, rectors of other Russian universities, and ambassadors and ministers of higher education from several African states.
March 27
More than 50 representatives of non-profit organisations took part in the meeting, where they discussed the event plan for 2024 and thematic areas of activity of the working groups of the BRICS Civil Forum, scheduled to be held in Moscow in July 2024. The BRICS civil track’s operations are coordinated by the BRICS Expert Council–Russia.
March 04
The official presentation of the BRICS Expert Council – Russia has taken place at HSE University. The Council will be responsible for the information, analytical and expert support of the Russian BRICS Chairship 2024.
February 29
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